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Soft Skills Training Program

IT Training Approximately one and a half billion people around the world speak English (about one-fourth of the world’s population)- nearly 500 million people speak English as their first language, and the rest (over a billion people) speak English as a second / other language.

English is necessary for both professional and personal requirements. A working knowledge of English has become the requirement for higher education, communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio, diplomacy, medicine, and computing.

India has become a global player in all of the above fields. This means that not only will Indians go to other countries for work, education, and business, but that businesses and education facilities will continue to see India as a prime target for growth.

For fluency and functionality in the English language, one must have a solid foundation of grammar, articulation, vocabulary and an understanding of the functional roles of words.

It is necessary to develop an “ear” for proper English usage, much in the same way that musicians develop an “ear” for musical passages. Whether spoken aloud or processed internally, we gradually come to a place where we detect errors and/or poor usage because it just doesn’t “sound” right in its delivery.

We Provide a Complete & Effective Solution for English Speaking. To become fluent in English one must study and master reading, listening & speaking.

At KnowledgeTech the lessons & training regime is structured to give you practise in all three areas at the same time. You Learn


English Words Phonetic Sounds & their Meaning


Grammar & Sentence Formation


Audio Recording Sessions


Debate & Reading Skills

We make your personality appear....