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Course Duration: 2 Months

Learn data management skills in excel with Office 2007. Maintain data sheets in excel and efficiently add functionality using macros, vlookup, pivot table.

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Course Curriculum


    - Electronic Spreadsheet Concept

    - Formatting Fonts, Numbers, Auto-Format

    - Relative & Absolute Reference, Date & Currency Formatting

    - Formula charts & Graphs, 2D/3D Graphs

    - Pie, Line Cone, Formatting Charts

    - Data Values, Sub Total Reports, Auto Filters

    - Password Protecting Worksheets,Linking Multiple Sheets

    - Intro. to MACRO's, Nested If's, Sheet Referencing.



    - Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter

    - Password Protecting Worksheets

    - Linking Multiple Sheets

    - Sheet Referencing

    - Linking Between Word/Excel/PPt

    - Functions:- LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP

    - COUNTIF, SUMIF. What-if-analysis

    - Pivot Tables, NESTED IF

    - Reporting

    - Character Functions

    - Date Functions

    - Age Calculations

    - Consolidation of Data

    - Data Validation

    - MACRO’S

    - Introduction to VBA Prog.