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Website Designing Career Course
Course Duration: 9 Months

IT Training

KnowledgeTech, an established IT Training, Service Provider & Web Development Firm in Powai believes in empowerment of education through Complete IT based Solutions. We represent a brand that acknowledges and delivers education & all IT based requirements & services with excellence.

Course Curriculum
  • DTP | Desktop Publishing

    Softwares like Photoshop CS5 & Corel Draw are used to create designer templates for website Publishing.
    Web Banner Creation, Image Optimization are also done using the same software.

  • 2D Animation | Flash & Swish

    Different types of Flash Modules like Web Banners and Ads can be made with ease using applications like Adobe Flash, Swish max.

  • Designing with Code | HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript

    Interpretation of Html language, Formatting tags, Heading tags, Ordered & Unordered Lists, Mapping, Layers, tables, Marquee & Form tags.

    DHTML(CSS3) involves controlling the design of your website wholly by using CSS. You get astounding functionality and ease to design using CSS. Animate and make your website more lively through new added functionality in CSS3

    JAVASCRIPT involves adding client side functionality to your website.

  • Dreamweaver CS5

    Design, Develop and Maintain world class websites and web based applications using Dreamweaver. RUN tests and simulations to eradicate bugs and fix all errors.

    Use hundreds of freely available extensions to add functionality at the click of a button. A one place interface that helps you to do both client side & Server side scripting.

    Control Database structure and create recordsets to create interactive blogging website.

    A software with limitless uses..........

  • Server - Side Scripting with PHP & MYSQL

    PHP is a renowned open source Scripting language like none other.

    It provides magnificent ease to develop dynamic contents for your website.

    MYSQL a backend DATABASE language helps to deploy database over various servers and platforms to maintain your data.

  • SEO & Online Advertising

    Search Engine Optimization which includes
    Error Correction, Webmaster Central Code, Link building and modification of htaccess file.

    Adding appropriate meta info and title and correction of html script errors.Online Advertising involves Campaigning over various Search Engines and Social networking sites to increase the Hits to your website.

    SEO and conceptual online advertising is the most important part of Website Designing Course as all sites need to be brought out to the world before we can assume or expect any kind of business and effective promotions from them. SITES are what make our business. Like any other form of ADVERTISEMENT SEO, SMM, PPC Campaigns bring your site to the world.